Fuse Box Diagram Dodge Viper (VX; 2013-2017)

In this article, we consider the fifth-generation Dodge Viper (VX), produced from 2013 to 2017. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Dodge Viper 2014, 2015 and 2017, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout) and relay.

Fuse Layout Dodge Viper 2013-2017

Fuse box location

Power Distribution Center is located in the engine compartment on the driver’s side.

Assignment of fuses and relays in the Power Distribution Center

Assignment of fuses and relays in the Power Distribution Center
RelayCartridge FuseMini-FuseProtected component
340 Amp GreenRad Fan
440 Amp GreenRad Fan Rly High
540 Amp GreenABS/ESP Pump Feed
640 Amp GreenStarter
740 Amp GreenCBC (Ext. Lighting #1)
840 Amp GreenCBC (Ext. Lighting #2)
930 Amp Pink2014-2015: Washer Pump
2017: CBC (Lighting, Washer Pump)
1030 Amp PinkCBC (Power Lock)
11Jumper BlackB+ Jumper
1225 Amp ClearABS/ESP Valve Feed
1320 Amp YellowHorn
1410 Amp RedA/C Clutch
1510 Amp RedDiagnostic, Fuel Door, Stop Switch
1615 Amp BlueKIN, RF Hub
1725 Amp circuit breakerPower Seats
1830 Amp PinkDriver Door Mod
1930 Amp PinkPassenger Door Mod
2030 Amp PinkRear Window Defroster
2120 Amp BlueWiper
22B+ Jumper
2315 Amp BlueHVAC MOD, Cluster, ICS-Switch Bank
2425 Amp ClearPCM-Powertrain Control Module
2525 Amp ClearFuel Pump
2620 Amp YellowASD #1
2720 Amp YellowASD #2
28Spare (Not Used)
2940 Amp GreenHVAC Blower
3020 Amp YellowRR Power Outlet, Adj. Pedals, UCI
31B+ Jumper
32Jumper Black2014-2015: B+ Jumper
2017: Not Used
3320 Amp YellowRun Acc relay
34B+ Jumper
35Spare (Not Used)
3610 Amp RedORC Mod Run
3715 Amp BlueCluster, Camera
3820 Amp YellowActive Damping Suspension
3910 Amp RedHVAC Module, In Car Temp, Blower Relay
40Spare (Not Used)
42G8VAFuel Door
(Forward Fuse)
2 Amp GreySCCM
(Rearward Fuse)
10 Amp Red2014-2015: Corax
2017: Tire Pressure Module
(Forward Fuse)
10 Amp RedRear View Mirror, Aux Port Jumper.
(Rearward Fuse)
10 Amp RedIBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor)
4510 Amp RedPCM-Powertrain Control Module, Fuel Pump Relay.
4610 Amp RedESC Module, Stop Lamp Switch
4710 Amp RedORC Module, Passenger Seat OCM
4810 Amp RedSCCM
4925 Amp ClearAmplifier
50HC MicroRad Fan
51HC MicroRad Fan Relay SER/PAR
52HC MicroStarter Relay
53HC MicroRear Window Defroster Relay
54HC RelayRad Fan Relay High
55HC MicroWiper ON/OFF
56HC MicroWiper LO/HI
57G8VAHorn Relay
58G8VAA/C Clutch Relay
59HC MicroHVAC Blower
60HC MicroFuel Pump
61G8VARun Relay #1
62G8VARun Relay #2
63HC MicroASD #1
64HC MicroASD #2
65G8VARun Accy #1, Pop Up, Driver Door Window Switch
66Not Used